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Hey everyone, we got some major announcements here:

IRL obligations between college and personal matters alongside some burnout have been hitting me hard. From this point forward, I will be stepping down from OU C&C Leader and bestowing the title onto Clone. For those of you who haven't seen him in action the past few months, he has been nothing short of incredible. He's been taking heavy initiative in communicating with writers, getting action going in the internal QC channels, and being on-top of it in general. Please wish him a congratulations! I'll still be modding the section and doing my share of QC work, but odds are I will probably be less active on the modding and leading front, and I don't want to hold the section back from the prosperity I know it can have.

To combat this further, we'd like to get some new blood circulating. Please congratulate Abhi as our newest OU C&C moderator! Furthermore, please welcome Tysonslayer as a new Trial QC member!

EDIT: talah has also stepped down from qc, thank u for your contributions!
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